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Art of writing
Talking of writing, no doubt, it is so much fun. Putting the thoughts on paper (excuse me for being old fashioned) involves choosing the right words and the right tone. Good writing is closer to conversation. While the reader reads, it should feel like the author is actually talking to the reader. A good writing will paint the picture of the context in the minds of the readers. It draws the involvement from the reader until he becomes a part of the writing. Though the art of writing and the art of reading are generally discussed as separate, what both of them culminate in is the same.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2003  

No Name
It indeed seems a long time after he blogged. No wonder he had to grope in his mind for the password to get into this and blog. Why to blog at all is certainly a question, whose answer isn't quite clear to him. Sometimes he feels, he wants a board where he can pin up his thoughts so he can go back to it and check it once a while for, say, introspection or retrospection. But then why should it be a public board? Does he want to show people his way of thinking? Or worse, does he want people to appreciate his way of thinking?
Whatever the answer is, one sure thing is that he likes to write, rather scribble. He sure doesn't seem to be too much bothered at this point of time about the visitors to this site. So, may be he is not quite intending to show off. But there is one certain visitor and reader to this blog. It is he, himself and according to him, that matters the most.

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